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Our Services

  • Vedic Thai Bodyword

    A personal session of Vedic Thai Bodywork offers you the best benefits of both a massage and yoga class. Thai Bodywork is often called “Lazy Man’s Yoga,” because the receiver gets to completely let go as the Thai Practitioner moves them in and out of Yoga-type stretches and mobilizations. Enjoy relaxing in supported poses while receiving soothing compressions, flows, and holds up and down your body’s energy lines. Christy’s coaching in deep breathing and body awareness will help you let go even more.
  • Yoga

    Yoga literally means “to yoke” or to join together. Yoga is the unification of the mind with the body. This state of self-awareness and focused mental presence is the heart of Yoga practice.

    The hundreds of traditional physical postures (asanas) which most of us think of as “Yoga” have developed over thousands of years in response to Yogis’ internal quests. In a mindful state, Yogis throughout time have asked their bodies: “what do you need to do to come into a state of more perfect health?” It is from this practice of intuitive introspection that the many traditions of Hatha Yoga (yoga exercises) developed.
  • Reiki

    The Japanese word “Reiki” literally translates as “Consciously-directed Life Energy”. The healing art of Reiki is simultaneously very simple and very profound. In the practice of Reiki, one learns to draw in and focus the ambient life energy (Ki) which surrounds us at all times, to send this energy to oneself or other people/situations.