About Christy

For over 12 years, Yoga Christy has dedicated her life to helping others through the profound gifts of Reiki, Yoga and Vedic Thai Bodywork.  A Certified Instructor with the Vedic Conservatory, she travels widely, teaching the art of Thai Bodywork to yoga teachers, massage therapists, and couples worldwide.

Christy loves to share healing with beginners and ordinary people.  She presents acclaimed Yoga Therapy Workshops for all levels, and teaches Yoga Assisting to teachers. Christy’s goal is to help teachers feel confident working hands-on with their students, and to help bodyworkers learn yogic techniques for greater effectiveness and longevity. She hopes to empower all her students’ potential for self-healing and transformation, and to bring healing folk arts back to the people.

In 2011, Christy moved back to her hometown of Baltimore, MD after living for 3 years in South Florida, working with her teacher, Mukti, and other leaders in the regional Yoga Community.  She now travels regularly, bringing her inspiring Workshops and her “Thai Healing Temple” to Yoga Studios, Transformational Consciousness Festivals, and Arts Events worldwide.

Yoga Christy believes in deep listening and transmitting unconditional love as the primary intention for all Bodywork or Energy Therapy or even Yoga Teaching.  Receivers and students often comment on the amazing healing intuition that results from this divine connection. She loves bringing Thai, Yoga, and Reiki to the people and is known for public displays of Yoga and a commitment to offering accessible sliding-scale and donation-based programs.

A masterful yet humble teacher, Yoga Christy’s passionate enthusiasm in sharing what she loves energizes and inspires her students, and her attention to detail and individual coaching is legendary. As a degreed Publications Designer, Christy also produces and teaches many innovative programs of her own, interpreting her deep understanding of Yoga and Biomechanics in a down-to-earth and easy-to-understand format for students of all levels, from beginners to teachers. She is also the editor/designer of teaching manuals for the Vedic Conservatory and Tera Gaia Healing. Christy’s variety of programs offer continuing education credit to Yoga Teachers and Massage Therapists, and she is a featured instructor in Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Christy loves to travel to new places and meet other yogis, healers, and lovers of life. She is excited to help spread the magic of Vedic Conservatory Thai-Yoga Bodywork, and continues to expand her family of students around the world.