Partner Yoga and Massage

We’ll warm up and get to know one another with some fun and inspiring Partner Yoga exercises, where we cooperate in various twists, bends, and balances.

Then, Christy will give a fun introduction to an ancient and powerful healing art. Thai-Yoga Bodywork promotes deep relaxation, meditation, and full-body flexibility.  Some people call it “Lazy Man’s Yoga” because the receiver gets to be completely passive as they are stretched and opened.

Yoga Christy has taught Partner Yoga since 2004, when she developed an ongoing “Couples Yoga” program and book with then-partner Douglas Owen Baker.  The dynamic duo were featured in the Baltimore Sun in July 2005.  Christy has continued playing Partner and Flying Yoga with various friends ever since, in Baltimore, FL, and her many travels.  Christy is a Vedic Conservatory Certified Thai-Yoga Bodywork Instructor, and travels the country teaching Thai-Yoga Bodywork. She has practiced and studied Thai & Yoga for over 12 years.