Reiki Energy Healing Level 1

Learn to consciously direct life-force energy, or Ki, to yourself and others. Reiki Energy can help to balance, nourish, and support the healing of all the body’s systems, as well as the mind and spirit, in a gentle and non-invasive way.

In Reiki 1, students receive an energetic attunement from the Reiki Master/Teacher, which helps open their energy system to channel Ki (life energy).  We learn where Reiki comes from, and the basic anatomy of the body’s Chakra (energy) system. We also practice basic techniques for giving a Reiki Energy treatment to yourself and others. You will also learn meditations and pranayama (breathing techniques) to cleanse your energetic system and increase its energy-carrying capacity over time. You can bring a notebook, and a crystal or other sacred item you’d like to charge with energy.

At the conclusion of this class, you’ll receive your  Reiki 1 Certificate.