Reiki for Beginners (Festival Workshop)

Do you believe there is an invisible universal energy field around and within you?  Do you want to balance your own energy for better health, relaxation, and peace of mind?  Want to share soothing, healing energy with others?  Want to recharge yourself to better enjoy the rest of the festival?

Join Yoga Christy for a quick and simple introduction to Reiki Energy Healing.  Reiki is a Japanese technique to consciously direct life-force energy, or Ki, to yourself and others. Reiki Energy can help to balance, nourish, and support the healing of all the body, mind and spirit in a gentle and non-invasive way.

In this workshop, students will receive the first level Reiki Energy attunement, which helps open their energy system to channel Ki (life energy).  You’ll have the opportunity to stay and practice giving Reiki to your classmates, or to go out and share it with others.  Expect to leave feeling refreshed and uplifted!

At the conclusion of this class, you’ll be eligible to receive your Reiki Level 1 Certificate.  Please contact Yoga Christy at: yogachristy (at) if you’d like a certificate emailed to you after the festival.