Air Yoga

Air Yoga, or Aerial Yoga, is a modern Yoga practice assisted by an Aerial Yoga sling, a hammock suspended from the ceiling made from circus-grade aerial fabric that is stretchy, comfortable, and incredibly strong.

Aerial Yoga is a fun and therapeutic way to vary and enhance your regular Yoga practice with unique and challenging supported Yoga postures. The Yoga hammock may be used to support part or all of your body:  you might experience a standing balance with a supported raised leg, to a downward dog with supported hips, or a semi-supported back bend.  Or, you might float off the ground in a straddle, forward bend, hip opener, or split variation, or even hang completely upside-down in an antigravity stretch that helps you traction your spine, build your core, or improve your handstand.  Finish the class with the weightless feeling of flying deep relaxation, and feel the deep spaciousness that life and yoga have to offer.

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