Restorative (Yin) Yoga

“Yin” or Restorative Yoga is a deeply-relaxing yoga class of passive yoga postures.  Restorative poses are low-to-the-ground and supported by pads and blankets so that you can let go of all tension and surrender completely to gravity.  Because of their passive nature, Yin Yoga poses can be held for longer durations of 2-10 minutes or more.  This allows a progressive opening of the connective tissue as well as the softening of the muscles as you breathe deeply and relax.

Yoga Christy’s deep and sensitive Thai-Yoga assists provide even more nurturing energy to enhance your relaxation.

Yin practice is of great benefit for athletes and those with tight muscles and limited range-of-motion.  It is also deeply restorative and stress-relieving for both mind and body.  Yin Yoga can be safely practiced by those with most physical injuries or limitations.