Yoga Private Sessions

YOGA THERAPY : Some clients come to Yoga as therapy for stress, pain, or physical limitation. Many also use Yoga as an ongoing therapy after an injury to promote healing, rebalance patterns of compensation, and open/stabilize their body to prevent future injury. Even if you’ve already done Physical Therapy, Yoga’s deep mindfulness and Christy’s expert attention to the precise details of body mechanics will help you take your understanding even deeper. Receiving hands-on support from a bodywork teacher makes the process even more enjoyable and enlightening.

PERSONAL YOGA TRAINING : All types of healthy people and athletes can benefit from a customized program developed to address your movement goals, patterns, strengths, and limitations. Open your tight areas to prevent injury, and let go of muscle soreness from intense workouts or intense sitting. Learn what you can do to improve your posture and feel better every day. Train specific movement patterns for whatever sport you play, to improve performance and power. Learn balancing Yoga to counteract the effects of whatever postures or movements you make throughout your day, and master a simple program you can take home or to the gym to advance your practice and improve your life.