Thai Bodywork Continuing Education

In this practicum workshop, Thai Bodywork Students & Practitioners will receive the expert guidance they need to continue to refine their skills from Vedic Conservatory Training Courses, other Thai Massage Trainings, or Acro Yoga Therapeutic Trainings.

This ongoing Thai-Yoga Practicum series has been developed in response to many student requests for a place to continue to practice their Thai-Yoga techniques with the guidance of teacher after completing a course.

Students can attend a single workshop or a continuing series, as each Practicum will be different!

In each workshop, Christy will:

  • Answer student questions about specific techniques and give hands-on assistance.
  • Review a selection of Thai-Yoga Bodywork techniques from the Vedic Conservatory Jivaka Vinyasa Sequence and help students refine their skills.
  • Introduce 2 or more new Thai-Yoga Bodywork techniques for students to add to their therapeutic toolbox