Thai Private Sessions

A personal session of Vedic Thai Bodywork offers you the best benefits of both a massage and yoga class. Thai Bodywork is often called “Lazy Man’s Yoga,” because the receiver gets to completely let go as the Thai Practitioner moves them in and out of Yoga-type stretches and mobilizations. Enjoy relaxing in supported poses while receiving soothing compressions, flows, and holds up and down your body’s energy lines. Christy’s coaching in deep breathing and body awareness will help you let go even more.

Christy is a rare master who is still deeply devoted to sharing her healing art with all people. She combines a deep structural understanding from her own therapeutic Yoga practice with an intuitive loving soul that feels into the needs of every receiver. Christy brings her lucky receivers into the here/now, offering them access to the absolute essence of deep relaxation and mind/body wisdom.

Like a healing martial art, Thai-Yoga makes ideal use of bodyweight, physics, and the Practitioner’s physical dexterity with palms, thumbs, forearms and even feet. This Yogic approach offers the opportunity to gradually release stubborn tension patterns, relieve skeletal compression, and rebalance areas around injuries.

Christy’s Sessions are immaculately-customized to be safe and beneficial for all, including those who are stiff or have injuries or physical limitations. For athletes, Thai Therapy gives you increased range-of-motion and body awareness, which amplifies your competitive abilities while reducing your chance of injury in any active sport. Taking good care of your body also becomes especially important as you age, and the anti-aging benefits of stretching and breathing are legendary.

Try it for yourself and see how good you feel! Call 443-865-0181 to schedule a session in Baltimore, MD or during one of Christy’s teaching trips to your area.